E-Zine / Dec 2010 / 2010 Serene Light Caregivers Recognition

Few of the Caregiver Recognition Recipients and their stories:

Story of Ponni: Caregiver Mrs. Rukmani

Ponni, 40 year old female hails from the temple town Chidambaram, down in southern India. She first came to The Banyan in the form of a rescue. She was rescued from the streets on 24.2.2004 as she was suffering from acute mental illness and as she was in destitute condition on the streets. During the time of her rescue Ponni was not in control of her mind as she has succumbed to her mental illness and was highly symptomatic. She had severe self talk, Self laugh, her self care was very poor and she would often get into bouts of violence. Read More

Story of Manivannan: Caregiver Mrs. Kutty

Manivannan aged 60 years is a married man. He hails from a village named Karumbakkam Village in Palur Panchayath which is situated in Thiruporur Block, Kanchipuram District. He has been suffering from mental illness for the last five years. He is basically a farmer and worked in his fields relentlessly and provided for his family which comprised of his wife, and two daughters and a son. Read More

Tale of two sisters: Caregiver Ms. Fatima

Laila is often found lingering near the gate of the Banyan Holistic Health center, in Kovalam, looking out at the nearby houses and tea shop. Her other favorite spot is a chair in front of the television, where she watches Bollywood musicals every afternoon. And always hovering nearby with a watchful eye is her older sister Fathima, who has spent the last eight years caring for Laila. But their story begins years before, with their parents’ marriage. Read More

The above caregivers are associated with The Banyan organization. For more information about The Banyan organization, visit their website.

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E-Zine / Dec 2010 / 2010 Serene Light Caregivers Recognition

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