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Serene Light Homeless Project

Serene Light Homeless Project

As individuals and collectively as an Organization, we can impact the lives of homeless children and adults. Together, we can assist and advocate for policies that break the cycle of homelessness. Together, we can create change. You can make a difference. Poverty, chronic illnesses, lack of affordable housing and health care, and lack of economic resources all contribute to this growing problem.

With poverty levels the highest in a decade, families have become the fastest-growing segment of the homeless population. The stress and trauma of homelessness is emotionally and cognitively damaging to them and costly to our communities.

Serene Light Inc. invites donations and 100% of all the donations to this project, will be given directly to local shelters and Govt. Agencies such as Department of Human Resources and Health Departments in Macon, Bullock, Montgomery and Jefferson Counties in Alabama.

If you like to make a donation or provide assistance directly to shelters and govt. agencies in your local communities on behalf of yourself and Serene Light Inc., for more information and requirements please contact us at: