E-Zine / July 2010 / Recipe to make seed balls!

Recipe to make seed balls!

Dear Friends,

We've been hearing about man made devastations that's causing havoc to our enviornment from all quarters. I would like to spread the word to practice afforrestation to salvage what we destroyed with our own hands.

Making of seed balls was introduced by Fukuoka the grand old man of natural farming. Here's a very helpful link to understand how to go about making Seed balls and dispersing it in the area targeted to planting trees in plenty.

I've been successfully sharing this with schools and social institutions to include this as a project for the kids. This way, the children learn to care for nature first hand and playing in mud is an added bonus! :-)

Please spread the word around to as many people you can and lets hope for a greener tomorrow.

To your success!


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E-Zine / July 2010 / Recipe to make seed balls!