E-Zine / Serene Light Community Service Scholarship 2011

Serene Light Community Service Scholarship 2011

University Women division: Awarded to Ms. Lindsey Lunsford

Ms. Lindsey Lunsford is a student at Tuskegee University majoring in both Political Science and History with a minor in Philosophy. She spends six days a week as a volunteer tutor. She is also a community activist, scholarly event organizer, and heavily involved in civic activities and has worked for the city’s newspaper, The Tuskegee News, and has had various articles published.In her words.."I give of my time and talent to a community I believe in and one who believes in me. I also believe few problems exist, that we as mankind could not solve if we unite and act, rather than divide and discuss. It is our duty to begin the process of healing and helping."

We wish her the best!

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