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The Greatest Conspiracy, but with Qualifiers!

Have you ever had a conversation, short or long and felt it was an absolute joy, delight and wished to indulge in more? It is a conversation, which is engaging, absorbing, amusing, interesting and educative! And it is spontaneous; and strangely and funnily, it is driven by your own ignorance!

'Priceless', I would say, when asked to describe the whole feeling.

Most Sunday mornings, I go to their house. They have two small children kids and I am fond of the younger one, Gopika. Gopika is three, and gets extremely adorable when she talks, for she gets very animated in her expressions. I enjoy reciting this poem of mine to her that I just made up when I was talking to her, one day.

"Roses are red, Violets are Blue,
Sugar is White, Honey is Sweet,
And so are you "

And she bursts into peals of little giggles and laughter as she hears the last line. I become amused, that this little child is also capable of seeing the poetic association!

A year ago, I had travelled to Phoenix for an event. Gopika was also around. I repeated this poem to her and she lit up with her usual smile. Her older sister Maya, her sister who was standing beside her, turned around, looked at me and said, ‘ This is WEIRDDDDDD’. I was taken aback, but managed to smile, and wondered if my poem was cheesy.

I asked her, ‘Why is it Weird?"
"BECAUSEE, it is WEIRDDD", she replied.

I smiled and realized my mistake. I should have been careful, and looked around, before reciting the poem to Gopika; as Maya, must have felt, left out, overhearing it.

A year later, I met Maya again at another event. She was restless, and was feeling very sleepy. I said a hello to her mom and remarked that Maya is the smartest kid that I had ever met. That very moment, Maya’s one eye opened up wide, she gave me a half wink, smiled big, and I laughed out loud. I wanted to recite the same poem to her and did so...

"Roses are red, Violets are Blue,
Sugar is White, Honey is Sweet,
And So are you "

"This is HORRRIBLE", she said. I was stumped and became speechless. After all, the poem is indeed cheesy, I thought. I felt a sense of shame!

"Why is this HORRIBLE? ", I asked her.

She replied,
"Because, I don't like sweets,
I don't like flowers,
I don't like Poetry "

"What do you like then?" I enquired, with a silent smile.

"I like toys,
I like makeup,
I like gifts ", she replied.

"So you don't like sweets?"
"NO! Chocolates, and only sometimes ", she said.

I smiled. "You don't like sweets, but you like to apply makeup and admire yourself in the mirror to see how SWEET you are?” I asked, a little puzzled.

She said loudly, "You are not making any sense!!"

I was getting nervous now, but managed to smile and continued,
"You say, you don't like being called ‘sweet’, right? ", I asked.
"Yes”, she nodded.

"Yet you say you like makeup. And why would you do that, excepting to look at yourself in the mirror to see how pretty you are”... I said, laboriously trying to illustrating my point!

"You are not GETTTING it", with a sense of despair she said, "I like applying make-up on others, not on myself."

I knocked myself for assumed the contrary, smiled and asked her, "Okay, Tell me, what gifts you like to get”

She replied, "How would I KNOWW?”
I told her, "If you don't say, then you could end up getting presents that you don't like"
She beamed and said, "Then, I would give it to others”, as a matter of fact.

I reasoned out with her, "But presents are given, for you to keep.
Aren't they? " And with all the innocence in her little eyes, she wondered , "But when I grow up, I might throw them away"
I laughed out loud and told her, "That’s Okay, As long as you keep them for a year!"
"Now let's take a picture of this smartest little girl that I have ever met”..

It is indeed a great pleasure to have such simple and joyful conversations with little children who exude both innocence, and intelligence defying their age!

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E-Zine / Priceless Conversations