Our projects are on a small scale due to the lack of funds at the present time. However, the impact seems to enduring, with us receiving more requests to help individuals who need and facilitate support Groups, Seminars, Workshops. We extend our services both to individuals and groups who are in need of assistance.

project 1: new friends - assistance for immigrant women

We assist individuals (especially women who need assistance in finding resources) such as medical services and support groups. This is especially true for immigrant and other families who do not have the family support or the resources. There are many who need special assistance due to cultural, language barriers or disabilities etc. We provide referral services to: a network of shelters, legal clinics, medical services, social service organizations. We help in bringing together caring individuals who can provide "Mentorship" to those who need real and practical skills(such as driving, language and computer skills etc.).

project 2: taking care - programs in rural areas

There is a vital need in many rural areas, to promote Healthy lifestyles that include: Disease Prevention, seeking Early Medical Assistance and Regular Health Screenings.

Seminars/Workshops: The volunteers in this organization who are professionals (Health Care, Counseling) conduct programs upon request. Monthly support groups are held which address various issues such as the following:

Support Groups:
a) Improving Interpersonal Relationships.
b) Coping with Grief and Loss.
c) Substance Abuse
d) Care Givers.
e) Support groups for Medical Professionals.

project 3: special givers - support for caregivers

This Project is designed to 'support and encourage' caregivers who unselfishly care for family members who are either terminally ill or suffer from incurable illnesses. We assist by relieving the caregivers for a few hours, help with minor chores and help make it a little easier.

project 4: special scholarships

This project awards small scholarships and assistance to school and university students, who show extraordinary volunteer spirit, design their own projects in community efforts and motivate their peers to serve in their communities.
Example: The Serene Light Community Scholarship is awarded annually to a student who also serves as a young community leader and organizer at Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, Alabama.